How Starlink will Change Remote Work

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Not my actual grandma — Photo by Alex Harvey 🤙🏻 on Unsplash

Last week we got some interesting news about the Starlink beta testers and some supposedly leaked speeds. This rekindled my Starlink hope, mainly for my visits to my Grandma.

My Grandma lives in a town (and I kid you not) of 300 people. Including the children… It is tiny, and in the middle on nowhere Alberta Canada, a colder alternative to Montana/Wyoming. Every year or so my grandma will get a new internet provider (the cable going into town is the same just new company managing it) and it is the same story of us all downloading as many Netflix shows as we can before heading out and huddling around the one router trying to get a decent webpage to load.

Starlink could change all this, it could provided an actual internet link to my Grandma’s house with real download speeds and decent upload speed. With these new speeds comes a new workforce.

As we’ve all gone remote these last few weeks, more companies are opening up to the idea of remote work, and with Starlink, there's a greater workforce to be considered. Currently working remotely in a tiny Alberta farm town would be unimaginable. At any given time I’m remoting into an offsite computer and participating in a skype call. Not to mention my wife in the other room streaming HD shows. Any one of those would be painful on my Grandma’s internet.

A quick Wikipedia search shows that 20% of the US and Canadian population live in rural areas. Starlink means more remote developers and greater traveling potential for those already working remotely.

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