Custom Home Screen App Icons in iOS 14

Peter Flickinger
2 min readNov 26, 2020


How to change your home screen app icons in iOS 14

With the introduction of iOS 14 and the ShortCuts app, it is now possible to save shortcuts to your home screen that open apps. This means you can customize the app icons of your favorite and most-used apps.

Step 1: Get Icons

Using the myAppIcon app you can create your icons in the color you want.

Just use the app to select the apps you use, pick out the colors you want to use, and download the set of new app icons.

Step 2: Add shortcuts

For each app, you need to create a shortcut that opens the app.

Add a “Scripting” action with the “Open App” command.

Pick out the app.

Name the script the name of the app.

Use the three dots to “Add to Homescreen”.

Change the image to the one save to the camera roll.

Vala, you're done. Now just repeat for each app you want to add and you got yourself a customized home screen.

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